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June 07, 2012


Somebody stole an American flag from a Boston Market Chicken Man.

(Thanks to Matt Filar and Ralph)


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The guy was just a Boy Scout. All Scouts know that the flag must never touch the ground, be improperly displayed, or be used to promote nasty fast food chicken products.

Didio and Atwood could only describe the thief as "an overweight white dude."

Holy my beer and watch this!

Also hold

That suit has wings. Can he FLY in that thing? (Answer: Yes, but only if dropped from a sufficient height.)
What's his Superhero name?
Is that where brown eggs come from?
Confused minds want to know.

It's Chicken Dork, Steve.

Well, they blew up the Chicken Man in Philly last night, now they blew up his house, too.

Atlantic City...

Just when you think your job couldn't suck more...

So ... where wuz Sadye Leckner when all this wuz goin' on ... ? (Merely curious ... )

(And if y'all catch on to that obscure bit of trivia, y'all've heard more episodes of Chickenman! than even Moi Ownself ... )

Yes indeed, wiredog. I'd love to hear him do that live, but he's been picking more "upbeat" older songs on the tour. He did Thundercrack AND Jackson Cage in Boston in March, which was awesome. I'm going to see them at Fenway in August, which will be fun, but the acoustics are very weird in there. Sometimes you can hear better several blocks outside of the park.

These Federal stimulus jobs can be hazardous.

He should have crossed the road.

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