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June 10, 2012


We're getting the whole band together one last time. Actually, it's two last times, but one of them is open to the public; that's June 22 in Los Angeles. Ticket information is here. You will never again have a chance to see a band with so many people playing so few chords.


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*leads a chorus of "So Long, It's Been Good to Know You*

Anyone who has a chance to see this should take earplugs it. You will not be sorry.

And bring a lighter.

Did Yoko Ono have anything to do with the break up?

In Anaheim? Why that is right here! Should you want to make a record and have your concert aired live over the .NET... Oh nevermind.


On a related note, ever notice that you never see Dave and John Fogerty in the same place at the same time? Check it out. (He's the one in the blue shirt.)

Chords are over-rated.

So the band is breaking up because of dischord?

Please, please, please video it for YouTube for us unfortunate people who can't get to California. A live webcast would be acceptable as well!

Well, that's kind of sad. It's understandable.

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