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June 23, 2012


Your big stars, such as Greg Iles and Stephen King, get special transportation to the show.



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You rock stars sure know how to travel in style. Steven looks like he's in pain...that or practicing his "AOOOOOOOOOOO, werewolf of London"

Werewolves, that is.

Looks like you all are having fun.

King is distressed. They didn't take out the blood red M&Ms.

One of these people seems to be suffering. Maybe the Remainders should.... remain.

I'll miss hearing about the RBR's. It's nice to see that Ridley is trying to keep everyone in line though.

Did the Remainders ever have a "Rider" for their shows? I have always been curious if they had one, and if it was ever as bizarre as some of the ones found on 'Thesmokinggun.com'
- Hope your farewell performance went without any major hiccups.

"More Cowbell!"

--S. King

The world is a less musical place.
Less? Is that the word I meant?
Yes. Less.

Stephen King killed my cat.
When I first read "Pet Cemetary" it freaked me out so much I gave the book away. I studiously avoided seeing the movie for years, but one night decided what the heck. The cat was on my lap. About halfway through the movie, the cat suddenly had a violent seizure and croaked. I buried it in the back yard.
Christopher Fowler's (a British author) comment when I told him the story was, "Perhaps the cat was a film critic".

I think it's the white socks that make Stephen King so scary.

Are you sure Steven is alive..it almost looks like a remake of Weekend at Bernie's.

Sorry Steph(fffff)en that I spelled your name wrong.

Are there any leftover RBR t-shirts?

Any updates?

What will Stephen do with all his spare time now, since he retired from writing 5 or 6 books ago ?

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