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June 23, 2012


Here's Simpsons creator Matt Groening backstage with my little brother Sam.



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Sam wears blue shirts too. Except right now he looks like Homer.

I can see the family resemblance, Dave ... except ... I din't know Sam had a beard & moustache ...

Why is the background filled with stout doors apparently locked from the outside? Why is there a red emergency alarm on the wall?

Poor Sam. It can't be easy being you-know-who's baby brother.


It had to be said.

I thought it was Pac Man.

Maybe it's the lighting but Sam's looking a bit jaundiced.

and good luck to matt, who i understand is retiring his Life In Hell series, which will also be missed.....

@Nursecindy: When you say "you-know-who", are you referring to Voldemort?

Hate to think the Remainders are done. Perhaps an occasional concert to go halves with host (ALA, ProQuest for example) & breast cancer research or treatment?Just an idle thought.

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