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June 07, 2012


Dog sniffs out whale poop for hormone study

(Thanks to Craig Roberts)


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If someone could train dogs to not do this, it would be news. Every dog I've known could do it with two paws tied behind their backs.

Teaching him to follow a scent was easy enough. The tough part was teaching him to breathe on the bottom of the ocean.

Absolutely no one likes to be around a dog that is overly interested in scat.
You hear these people saying, "Scat! Scat!"
Like that's a deterrent.

'Samuel Wasser, a UW biology professor and developer of dog scat-detection.'

How would THAT look on a resume. I wonder what category this is under on Monster.com ?

He'll get hired. There's a government job waiting someplace.

Thar she ..... forget it.

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