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June 11, 2012


The world's oldest animal marriage looks set to have turtley ended after an incredible 115 years when the two Giant Turtles at an Austrian zoo refused to share their cage anymore.

(Thanks to Joe in Japan)

This sblog's question: "turtley"?


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I happen to have witnessed raw tortoise sex at the Toledo Zoo in 1972.
I'm planning to go back soon to see if they are finished, yet.

They're trying to talk two 115-yr-old turtles into a reconciliation? And nobody has snapped (har!) it up for Romanian Reality TV??

Well, you can't really use the word "abruptly" when talking about turtles, can you?

This was turtley unexpected.

She complained that he never came out of his shell with her.

"Did you just say something?"


"About 1947 or so."

"Yes, take out the garbage."

"Oh, right. On it."

Maybe he forgot their anniversary. What is the 115th anniversary present, anyway? A FL driver's license?

*snork* @ everybody:-) And here's another example of why it's a good idea to re-read the blog several times a day:

I just realized that, despite the terminology in the press coverage, there is NO EVIDENCE THAT THIS COUPLE WAS LEGALLY MARRIED! And we all know that these casual 'no-piece-of-paper-for-us' hook-ups and one-century-stands are prone* to easy dissolution.

*In this case, if they're supine, they're in even bigger trouble.

Okay...I'll stop now. Turtley.

I'd surmise that it's similar to that long-married couple ... as they celebrated their 70th Anniversary, the wife told the husband she wanted a divorce ...

When the media heard about it, and interviewed her, they asked, "Why?"

She said, "Enough's enough."

Suddenly I don't feel so bad. Even an 115 year marriage can fail!

Maybe one of them got an 115 year itch.

Is it 7 human years to each turtle year?

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