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June 07, 2012


She asked the arresting officer to write his report in a way that is would be “more interesting so that her arrest would make the police blotter” in the local newspaper.

(Thanks to Chuck Cody)


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I bet she read the blog and wanted to see her name in lights, well print anyway.

She's a "career shoplifter"? Since when is shoplifting a career?

"... mentioned she was mentally ill, a claim officers didn’t buy ..."

Pour quoi? Or as my old High School colleagues used to say, How's come? Speaking as the second runner-up in the 1998 Southeastern Michigan Spot-the-Loony Finals, I can press the buzzer on this one with confidence.

And now we know what one has to do to be held without bail on a shoplifting charge.
Also, it sounds like she needs some fiber in that diet.

Pure genius! I bet she did make the police blotter. She even made the Dave Barry blog, an accomplishment few of us could even dream about.

If she wants interesting police blotters she should move to Flathead County.

"...Appling challenged officers to charge her with as many crimes as possible because she claimed she’d get a plea bargain in which half the charges would be dropped...."

She's been watching too many commercials that tell you that the more you spend, the more you save.

add the word 'naked'.

She removed Coors Light frum the store without payin' for it?

They should've given her a reward ...

Why did they even need to chase a 340-pound person?

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