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June 27, 2012


It's simple, once somebody explains it.

(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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It makes as much sense as the classic directions.

I take great pride in never once having held a golf club in my hands. True, I never made Vice President (of anything,) but I got a Director title without having to learn to play.

What? People play golf for fun, not just to suck up to their bosses? You're kidding! When did that happen?

Who's on first?


Omni' ... I don't play golf very often (or very well), but long ago, I got my mind straightened out to the philosophy of Bill Veeck (as in Wreck) ...

" ... It's supposed to be fun, you know ... "

As a result, when I do venture out on the course, I enjoy it ...

But ... truth be told, I'd rather be fishing ...

Nuclear physics is more fun and less of a challenge.

Very possibly, Loud' ... tho I should comment that the video is funny in and of its ownself, regardless of one's like or disdain for the "sport" ... sumwhut rather a visual/audio satire on the entire genre of "how to" offerings ...

I thought his torque interfered with his pronation per Hogan classical technique.

If it goes left it's a hook, if it goes right it's a slice, if it goes straight it's a miracle.

why is it considered a 'sport'? its a walk in the country chasing a small ball.

Oh, he said "torque?" I heard it as "tuque," and thought, "Funny, you don't look Canadian."

This confirms Mark Twain's opinion that "... golf was a good walk spoiled".

Lobs up "is" 'stead of "was".

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