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June 07, 2012


Goats removed from high school roof

(Thanks to The Perts)


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Goats on a Roof is Samuel Jackson's next film. (Directed by Tong Thing.)

"Who dumped a whole truckload of fizzies in the swim meet? Who sent the medical school cadavers to the alumni dinner? Every Halloween the trees and filled with underwear; every spring the toilets explode."

"You're talking about Delta, sir."

"Of course I'm talking about Delta, you twerp!"

I can remember seeing goats beside a little shack of a house near Paintsville KY when I was a kid.
I recall that they were standing on what I would consider narrow handholds on the nearly sheer cliff behind the house, hanging there like demented ornaments on a rock Christmas tree.
Maybe they climbed up there.

I remember being told about someone who knew someone who took the principal's office (desk, filing cabinet, book shelf, all of it) and put in on the roof.

My sister kept goats for years, Steve, and every time I visited, the dam_ things would climb into the bed and onto the roof of my truck - especially if I parked under a tree they normally couldn't reach.

Her husband finally had them slaughtered when they climbed into a shed through a hole in the roof - and decimated the very profitable (though illegal) herbal crop growing there.

We just put cars on our high school.

My high school had a rule against livestock on campus after an incident in which my brother was completely innocent and had an ironclad alibi -- he was in detention.

Releasing a greased pig in the school is still one of the true classic pranks.

NMUA, having some experience in the art, how did your innocent brother catch the pig in the first place?

Quote that's a bit odd, or indicative of a lack of comprehension as to "how the world works" ... : "Police in Connecticut said they do not know the origins of four goats ..."

Goats usually originate from their Nanny ...

The Apocalypse sure ain't what it used to be.

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