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June 27, 2012


Beer for dogs.

(Thanks to funny man)


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When I was a young man, a friend's 16 year-old brother extorted a tall-boy beer from him at a dance.
I think he believed it would enhance the dance experience. But all it did was ensure he didn't get more than 25 feet from the men's room for the next couple of hours.
As a senior citizen, I still don't pee as much as that kid did.

Come here, Ralph!

Dogs do like to drink beer once in awhile. Funny that they like it.

I figured this would appeal to your sense of humor, Dave. And dogs don't have to worry about urinal positioning etiquette. Does your dog need some beer?

An ex-boyfriend gave my first Chihuahua, Brutus, beer one time and of course he got drunk. He loved it. The boyfriend was in the doghouse for a couple of days.

Joe had to have mouth surgery once and required anesthesia. Since his IQ is so close to an imaginary number, I figured he'd enjoy the experience.
But he didn't. His front and hind legs were not under the same controls. He kept staggering around in circles, looking miserable.
I finally had my wife put him on my lap where he'd feel secure until he sobered up.

Beer with meat broth? Does Homer Simpson know about this? "Mmmm--beer--and meat!"

Maybe she really got the idea from Bob and Doug McKenzie.....

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