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June 07, 2012


Michael Hetherington, 26, apparently told the troopers he and the woman were drunk at a party and that he punched her "to knock her out so that she would stop behaving in a manner of which he disapproved," troopers said in a dispatch posted online.  Hetherington allegedly told troopers that when drove the woman home from the party, he still needed to "blow off some steam," so he got a .45 caliber handgun and shot his SUV about 50 times, troopers said.

(Thanks to Mark Buckley)


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"...shot holes in his own vehicle after punching his wife ..."

At least he didn't get it backwards. He might have hurt his fist if he had.

Kalskag man punches wife, shoots his own SUV

...as is his Constitutional right, surely.

1972 Pinto and 1985 Dodge.
Those are the cars I'd have shot with great glee.
I've never had a wife I'd hit, so he has me with that.
Two Pintos. We had two and I would have shot both.

"... A rusty old Pinto that I got for free,
Those are the cars I'd have shot with great glee."

Just a few rhymes short of a theme song for that cloned Austrian village, Steve.

He hit his wife? If he's ever in Shelby I know a lady I'd like for him to meet.

Ok so he beat up his wife, then shot his car.

Nursecindy, a candidate for a "special" bikini wax???

50 rounds? I would have thought he was too drunk to reload.

The road in Kalskag is only two miles long; the only way to drive out of there is on the river in the winter. Vehicle maintenance in such communities is pretty much do-it-yourself. If he aimed properly, his SUV now has air-conditioning, but his wife may want to redecorate the interior.

Flathead County is on high alert.

He fell into that old "Do you still shoot your SUV?" trap.

Hasn't this guy heard of roofies?

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