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May 01, 2012


Drunken grandparents towed child in toy car

(Thanks to Elizabeth Ozbourne, Jeff Meyerson, dialtone, Karin Dixon, Marc, B'game, Rich Klinzman, Terry G and James Tokarz)



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I'm fairly certain this side of the state of weirdness is weirder than Dave's. I'm amazed daily, and so glad I left stuffy old New England for the land of the truly bizarre. I can hardly wait for the Republican National Convention -- it should be a hoot! The Tampa Bay Times ran an article today about how concealed weapons might be banned during that time. Uh huh, that'll work. Ya just gotta love it.

Of course the kid came away thinking that was the coolest thing ever.

And will have plenty of video and photos for her scrapbook.

I loved Grandma's explanation: "Sunday afternoon...a few drinks...no big deal."

Here's the link with the video of Grandma's interview.

Also, their son's analysis: "Are you f-----g stupid? You should know better," he said to his mother before telling the deputy he thought the pair had a drinking problem.

♫...'Beep beep'm beep beep yeah!'

"...but she wazh havin' sho much FUNNNNNNN..."

I saw that article (put it on the bloglits FB page) and it said that squirt guns could be banned, but real guns could not.

Awesome real-world trolling possibilities.

West VA?

OK, I can't speel either.

Mikey, no need for towing in WV. Just give them a little push over the edge of the mountain and it's a fun time for everyone.


That is true. The only things that they don't videotape are the "moonshine stills."

Not that you would know anything about that.

"Hold mah beer and watch my grandkid."
"Who? Where?"

Well, I was allowed to drive an old ex-military Jeep around the fields when I was that age. But the plastic BMW could probably go faster than the Jeep could.

Mikey, it's already in the mason jar by the time I see it.

West Virginians pee on Virginians.

Huh?!? I think he meant "take pity on" not "take a pee on".

The drunken headline writer meant that the grandparents towed a toy car with a child, according to the picture. That way, the child can bail out. Towing the child is even riskier.

The article makes it sound as though if they kid had been wearing a helmet the cops would have had no problem with it. So yeah Florida, definitely.

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