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May 08, 2012


Horrifying Russian roller coaster is designed to make you puke on yourself

It's actually not a roller coaster. But it is horrifying.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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designed by ralph hoerle and earl spewze the 'omnibarf' open to rave reviews at...

To operate the ride, employees must have a valid Fla driver's license..

Considering I once got sick and dizzy on the Teacup Ride at Disney World, I think I'll let this one pass.

Your Russian tax dollars at work.

Don't know if it's really Russian...Oktoberfest in Munich has one too. At one point it descends upside-down over a pond with fountains, and all the dangling people get sprayed.

Looks to me like the carnies have perfected a mechanism to maximize the amount of loose change that will fall from your pockets.

Ok, somebody broke the video, message said it was removed.

ofg: I blame Putin

Couldn't see the video, but based on the description, it sounds like a thinly-disguised Antonov OMG "Lookout" post-hole digger jet fighter which the Russian Federation is tarting up to sell to China, along with that slightly-used aircraft carrier and a small batch of do-it-yourself coral reefs diesel submarines.

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