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May 10, 2012



(Thanks to Wally Naaf)


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Um ... I don't know Spanish ... whut does this mean?

Excellent! I laughed my old one off the other day while reading this blog.

I could really use Narrow Ass, unless New Ass smells better.

If it'll keep my @$$ from being "molestias"-ed, I'll buy some.

The most popular product on Uranus.

Last week's New Scientist has an article about some Italian software that generates product names. Apparently it was used in this case.

Well, I have to admit my old one is cracked.

"Um ... I don't know Spanish ... whut does this mean?"

Pretty sure it means welcome to Jack in Box may I take your order.

Er, it means "No more annoyance from hemorrhoids."

Doesn't Taco Bell tell us to "Live Mas" and now we see " Y no mas" Which means this is what you need after mystery meat and GM corn products at El Taco
Ding!!! Right?

Darn, I just had the fix-a-flat injections.

But wait, there's more! Now included with every paid order - a free Sham Wow!

** So you can wipe the - you know - off your new -- you know.

Shouldn't it be NuevoAss (or NuevoBoss/Coworker/Spouse).

The parent company of NewEgg?

Loud: Why do chÑewass, man?

i don't know about new, but i can always use a little strange...

What...? Another cure for assma ?

Anyone else find the conjuction of "Ass" and "Vent(a) aqui" risable?

(Or "wizahbuhwl"?)

That's funny. New Ass in a jar.

I need this stuff, my old one is basically none existant and maybe a new one would hold my pants up better.

Highly risible. But not as much so as though they'd called it "Biggus Dickus."

He has a wife, you know ...

De Venta Aqui! justn means it is sold there.

Seriously, is there no one here besides Siouxie who understands the Spaniards?

Hey! I wuz kiddin'! I know a few Spanish werds ...

Like ... for "beer" and "restroom" and "thank you" and "please" and ... um ... we'll skip that one ... and "tomorrow" and ... um ... we'll skip that one, too ... and "God" and ... those have been enuf to keep me outta jail ... so far ...

And I thought that the Spanish word for ass was burro. I guess that explains a lot.

Well, Horace ... the Spanish werd fer "trubble with yer ass" is Burrito ... merely sayin' ...

*Snork* @OtU

After all this crowd sourcing, I finally ran the Spanish through babelfish, and it comes out, "We need a new ad agency."

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