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May 16, 2012


Obey all traffic signals.


(Thanks to Jan in Grimbsy)

For the record, this would be no trouble for the motorists of Miami, who pay no attention whatsoever to traffic lights.


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Key quote: Authorities have explained, however, that the lights should be ignored - because they were only installed for decorative purposes and do not direct drivers.

From what I saw in China back in the day, that should not be a problem.

It's been done.

Christmas in China?

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Note that there are no motor vehicles in either of the pictures. Just unemployed guys, standin' around, scratching their butts. Not unlike a job site here, in fact. Are we sure this wasn't Michigan?

We warned them to stop watering that thing.

Looks like they took the "pave the cowpath" approach to intersection engineering. Although the cows around here could probably come up with a more elegant design.

I can remember back before this stuff was standardized, some towns in eastern Kentucky put their traffic signals up with the green on top and red on bottom.
It worked pretty well until some color-blind motorist came along.

Ah, yes; pave the cowpath. Or as it is known in Northern Virginia, traffic engineering. NoVA was the reason I finally bought a GPS. Not only do the roads make no sense, but they're all named "Lee" something or other.

Plus I frequently had to travel down there with a colleague who couldn't read a map to save her life. We once got lost within five minutes of leaving Dulles.

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