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May 09, 2012


Researchers at Canterbury University's human interface technology laboratory (Hit Lab) are developing an "augmented reality" application that projects virtual spiders on to real-world environments, such as an office desk.

(Thanks to Bill Moore)


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The old rubber tarantula on a thread joke updated. Many yucks to follow.

I would think the "hit lab" and the demon clown might have some good times to share, over a pint or two.

"Ah, ha, ha! And do you remember the one who jumped right out a window?!"

*downloads "Can of Raid" app for Android*

Can't you get the same result by simply using alcohol to excess?

I wasn't afraid of spiders before that article. Now they kinda creep me out.

In my day, fake barf and whoopee cushions were about as " augmented " as reality got.

Heck, I din't like spiders when the closest we got to 'em wuz on "Film strip day" in HS science class ... and they wanna make "more real" ... ?

They's tryin' to sell this idea to the worng cowboy ... I'm kinda with John Goodman in that movie ... if ya can't spray 'em dead ... crush 'em ...

This is NOT a good use of technology.

What's next?

Digital squirrels?

It's not a bug, it's a feature.

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