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May 29, 2012


Beer-guzzling cows crash backyard party

(Thanks to funny man)


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This is why I support our right to barn beers.

Police said they heard reports of screams from a group of women as five or six cows stumbled into the yard, eagerly hurtling toward the beers.

One word, dude - rehab.

Running of the brews.

Fire Judi!

They aren't that far into the country if they can't tell cows from deer.
Cows say "Moo".
Deer ask where the garden is.

This incident happened not far from where I live.
Boxford is a very nice (snooty) small town that literally does not have a stop light.
I'm surprised they allow cows at all.

**Fire Judi!**

Aw, don't do that. It may be a similar incident in the same town - the last one involved 'young adults'.

Same M.O. though. It looks like the work of a gang. Will beery beeves pass crystal meth as the new plague of rural areas? Wait...I've made the connection...

Yes! the whole thing is being masterminded at a distance by Stormy Moody.

This story deserved to be posted twice.

There's a brewery here that has this problem every time someone asks if they serve this stuff.


Maybe if they opened the beers with chain saws, that would keep the cows away.

I bet those cows can drink a lot.

" When Cows Attack " would be better than most of the upcoming Fall shows.

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