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May 15, 2012


A woman defended herself with a "pooper scooper" for nearly a half-an-hour while a man tried to hit her with another pooper scooper in Plymouth Pilliars Park early Thursday, according to the Seattle Police  Department.

(Thanks to Craig Roberts)


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Saw Pooper Scooper open for Snoop Dawg.

There can be only One!

It's her own fault for not completing her Jedi training.

Just the scoopers without ammo? Who flung dung?

A new urban courting ritual?

Strict Federal controls, please. Stat.

These pooper scoopers are just left around the parks?

Would've been a lot quieter if they'd've used Light Sabers ... well, except fer the Zappiness ...

I don't know about light sabers -- I thought this was more like a Lord of the Rings notion. And Ralph, Hoo Flung Dung was an assistant producer for several of Tong Thing's films.

En garde!

soon to be a olympic sport.

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