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May 03, 2012


TV series has trouble finding real boobs in Miami

(Thanks to Ed. Floden)


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Blog guys can you imagine having a job that required you to look at women's breasts all day? How horrible that would be.

Oh, I might take a shot at it, cindy.

Besides, it depend on how you define "real."

I bet they casted everyone in five seconds, and they are just trying to entice us to see a movie with no plot or events of interest. Well I won't let it work!

try city hall, lots of real boobs there.

oh wait, they're talking about breasts, so embarrassing. reminds of the time I Googled "collection of boobs" trying to find a directory of congress-critters and only got porn sites.

My composite girlfriend Genevieve has real boobs ( because I say they are ).

cindy, I worked OB/GYN for eight years. Most days it was not fun.

I really hope Layzeeboy is a doctor.

Rush Limbaugh still lives around there, doesn't he? a boob with man boobs, sounds like he's got them covered either way.

Amazing what people spend their money on. Well, I fit the large hips and real boobs criteria.

Careful Theresa. Certain blog guys will ask for pictures.

Darn, beat me to it, cindy.


snork @ clankie!

Surely a composite girlfriend has composite breasts...

Is a composite girlriend a fancy way of saying she is a robot? What does that even mean?

pundits. the real boobs.

"Boobs" is French?

I did NOT know that!

They're off by a bit. They need to look in Tampa in August.

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