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May 18, 2012


How rocks collected from a southern Orange County beach caught fire in the pocket of a San Clemente woman's cargo shorts, landing her in a hospital with third-degree burns, remained a mystery Thursday.

(Thanks to coscolo, Ralph, Bob Brogan and queensbee)


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Obligatory: Hot Pockets

Was she telling a lie prior to this incident?

Funny, cindy. I saw that on the local news yesterday and the headline actually said "Pants on Fire."

Why did she keep the rocks in her pocket for four hours?

What strange descriptions of the size of the rocks. "The size of a hamburg patty" and "small enough to fit in a coffee cup". The writer must have been hungry.

I guess that's one way to get your rocks off.....

Good thing for TSA-types they wuzn't doin' a "pat-down" when this happened ...

thanks dave. i knew i sent it in.
but it does give new meaning to...pants on fire...

Hmmm. You look hot in those shorts.

Hot flash?

It's the Flintstones, stupid !

Oh say, make some tea
While you're waiting for light.
What so boldly you stole
At the reactor's rear doorway...

At your pockets red glare
Neighbors stop, and they stare
Gives proof, through your fright,
That your pants were alight....

Bravo PirateBoy!

Snorkulus to PB.

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