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May 02, 2012


Video shows cat with Doritos bag on head fall 20 feet to the ground and live

(Thanks to Jeffrey Brown)


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Awwww. That video almost made me cry! I hope it was just a strange accident on the part of the cat and not the work of some sick prankster.

So dang many misspelled words and errors in usage in that story I wanted to ... well, nevermind ... that's against the law in 42 states, seven Canadian provinces, and Bolivia ... and the "comments" on the video weren't any better ...

Then there's the "camera work" ...

All this nearly made me forget my general antipathy for felines ...

And the "questions" ... How did the bag get on the cat's head? The cat stuck it's head in the bag! How did it get up the pole? CATS CLIMB! DUH!

Guess what? It wasn't Chester the cheetos mascot...

So what was the amazing aspect of this? The 20-feet-and-lived part, or the Doritos bag part? It's after-dinner time here, and we finished off the wine, so maybe I'm not at my most perceptive.

And the award for the best use for a Doritos bag goes to ....

That was the best Herman Cain campaign ad yet!

Seriously, though, can we get a mulligan on the cat drop?

Um, cats are good at falling safely. I wouldn't have worried too much.

Oh, Cindy, if I know cats the way I think I do (and I have the scars to prove it), there's no way someone was able to put a bag on a cat's head.

Having a pair of cats with serious Doritos habits, Steve, I can testify that once the bag is empty, it's still coated inside with that tempting cheesy powder, and anything worth a cat-lick is worth a bite - I think that's how this cat wound up "trapped" in the bag.

The key is to get TWO cats working on it - that way neither one gets to full depth in the bag before the other yanks it away for his turn.

I'll agree, DrPat, that a cat will VOLUNTARILY get in to just loads of trouble. Most will go to great lengths to start trouble, which is one reason many people love them.
I just doubt someone doing it TO the cat.

I've seen cats voluntarily get things like Dorito bags on their heads. Then again, if you're very fast, you could put it on their head.

The whole thing about cats falling on their feet - they can get badly hurt or killed falling from heights.

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