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May 08, 2012


Iran has acquired Jar Jar Binks.

(Thanks to Jeffrey Brown)


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They can have him

Couldn't happen to a nicer Junga.

I was afraid of this; now we'll have to beef up our Joe Biden.

If they weaponize annoyingness, we are all doomed,

Maybe they just plan to behead him.

Let's have Jar Jar and Yoda run their English language classes. It'll make the terrorists easier to spot.

Meesa tinks Iran's stooges dumber than tauntaun poop...

Buncha nerf herders over there...

I can't believe they missed.

^5 and a snork for clankie!

Speaking of Nerf Herder, the Buffy theme.

Um, if that's a picture of a successful missile launch, I'm not especially concerned, silly Star Wars character or not. Looks kinda like when the drunken pyrotechnician drops his Zippo in the box of sky rockets -- or when North Korea tests one of its new toys. Either way, not a credible threat.

Omni, that is obviousl;y one missle cloned several dozen times and reoriented in various directions.

Not only various, but also dangerously random

I'm not surprised. After all, Bert from Sesame Street is a member of Al Qaeda.

What are they going to do, annoy us to death?

Elon, you reckon? Fooled me.

You don't understand. He's a dubble agent. Why do you think thet all them their missle tests are failures?
Because Jar Jar is at the controls!!!

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