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May 02, 2012


Giant Flea-like Insect Pest Plagued Dinosaurs

(Thanks to The Perts)


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There's nothing like our latest science update.

I know! WOW just trying to put that Frontline@ for Dinosaurs behind their necks was certainly a trial, not to mention the size of the applicator!

I hope that the boffins can extract the dna and recreate the critters so they can get jobs in banks. It would be an upgrade.


"from the size of their proboscis we can tell they would have been mean"

I believe this is unfair stereotyping. 4

It would be kind of funny to see a dinosaur scratching his neck with his hind leg

The jurassic fleas, actually parasites, exist today. We call them "Congress".

And this is in the journal entitled "CURRENT Biology?"

Doesn't seem so current to me. just sayin'

Barney has one. It's called an agent.

Giant flea-like insect pest,
Yee haw, yee haw
Bit the dinos 'neath their vest,
Somewhere in LA ...

Best I can do on short notice.

Omni deserves a clap!

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