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May 03, 2012


Pet parakeet returned to Japanese owner after telling cops his address

(Thanks to PJ, John Grant and Bill Hudgins)


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I saw that on a British website and wondered yet again, why do they call parakeets 'budgerigars'?

Because calling a bird a "budgie" sounds stupid.

Jeff: There are many kinds of parakeets; Budgerigars are a specific species. Besides, budgie smuggling is more popular than parakeet piracy.

Is that a budgie in your shorts or...

Drivers license, hell. He'd qualify for almost any elective office in the country.

♫ And your bird can sing ...♫

I've heard of stool pigeons, but "stool parakeets"?

" Awwk ! Her vibrator's in the nightstand ! Awwk ! "

But did he bite anyone? If not, it's not news.

42 Wallaby Way, Sydney?

42 Walaby Way, Sydney?

Any time I hear of parakeet activity, I recall that great line @ the end of the Ray Stevens song: "25-year Old Hippie Class Reunion"

The "narrators" have obviously had their brains addled by smokin' various "exotic" substances ...

"Y'know whut I'd like to smoke?"

"No. Whut?

"A parakeet!"

"Yeah! One for you, and one for me!"

(Well, mebbe y'all had to've been there ... )

Well, if you've got the parakeet ... my son got me a device called a "Smoking Gun" for Christmas -- you put hardwood sawdust in it, put food in a container, and shoot smoke in with it. Haven't used it yet, so, again, if you've got the bird ...

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