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May 03, 2012


Cosmo the dog goes to a party.

Advisory: This is really for dog people. Non-dog people will find it stupid. So will dog people, but that will only make them like it more.

(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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Wow. I was really hoping for more crotch sniffing, or leg humping!

Cosmo clearly knows what's important: finding and eating every bit of food the guests drop.

Good times!

It's nice to see that Cosmo is back behind the camera. He did such a nice job on The Blair Witch Project. btw, I'm a dog lover and I thought it was very cute.

That dog's name should be Roomba.

Of course, the real reason I got a dog was so I wouldn't have to clean up food spills any more.

I'll bet he really liked that.

some friends of mine did a video like that - i think they called it dog's eye view or something, and it was hilarious. good doggie.


& thank goodness cosmo didn't suffer a 'reversal of fortune' as the speed drinker did yesterday

Nice video. I wanted to slap the guy doing the "music," though.

Good point, Omni. Maybe Cosmo peed on his leg.

Needed another dog in the room so we could see their traditional greeting sniffs.

Benefits from volume control...

And even as a cat lover, I thought it was cute.

What? No leg humping? NO peeing in inappropriate places?

GooBoy! GooBoy!

Dave's remarks are spot on. We are a non-dog family. I started the video just as my daughter was walking by, and she - not having seen Dave's remark - said "Whoa. That's just stupid."

We concur.

okay I like dogs. The video was fine....the annoying guy doing the whole da da da dah thing made me stop watching 15 seconds into it.

I believe it was our very own revered Blogmeister who once said the dog's creed is "When in doubt eat it. If it's not food, you can always throw it up later."

We're dog people.

This is a documentary. Total truth, about them furry scavenging cuddle-pups ...

When my daughter accidentally took her two dogs back from us for a while, I was confused.
Food dropped in the kitchen or elsewhere did not magically disappear.
This fine documentary explains a lot.

Got a virus on Christmas Eve and still haven't had the 'puter fixed properly, so I don't have sound. Judging from the comments, this is the first time I can say I'm glad. Turn the sound off and it won't bother you a bit.

The dog had a better time at the party than the human guests.

OMG...I LOVED this. Of course, I am a dog person (and proud of it!). And yes, it is stupid, but I don't care. I can see my own dogs doing that.

Usually, when I drop something in the kitchen, it's just gone. If by chance the dog doesn't hear it, all I have to do is say, in a normal tone of voice, "clean up on aisle three, Coney," and she's there.

Love it. Watched it twice. I would probably feel differently if it was a cat.

That Mitchell and Webb look. You can watch it on Netflix. I mention this because that's Robert Webb doing the singing in the video.

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