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May 22, 2012


One of this blog's favorite restaurants is George's of South Miami, because (a) it's close to our house; (b) the food is good; and (c) George is insane. Last night, for no reason that anybody could explain -- especially not  George -- he brought in a giraffe, a camel, a zebra and two tigers (one adult, one baby) and set them up across the street. Then George dressed up like an extra in a 1932 Tarzan movie and greeted his customers.


And, yes, the giraffe was delicious.


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Does it taste like chicken?

A giraffe, a zebra and two tigers walk into a bar...

That is the best thing I have ever read on the blog. Personally, I have always wanted a giraffe, but couldn't find any in Massachusetts, so I got two Afghan Hounds instead. If you get bored with South Miami, visit my house. The food is as good as George's and it is free.

George gave you the neck bone to say that, didn't he?

And for the record, giraffe does not taste like chicken. Chicken tastes like giraffe.

After dinner George failed to stop by the table to discuss the economy was hurting busines and how the stunt was going to solve all the problems. Despite the the 30's-tarzan-movie-extra-garb, The tigers ate him out of necessity.

Reminds me of a long-ago Mr. Language Person column where an alert reader had noticed "half a giraffe of wine" on a menu.

mmmmmmmm...... Camelburgers......

Take it from the voice of experience, standing under a giraffe is sometimes not wise if you aren't wearing a raincoat.
Of course, standing OVER a giraffe is nearly impossible.

George's has been open since 1928. Assuming George opened the restaurant right after college, that would make him... carry the two.. older than Dave. Does he also have the recipe for the Philosopher's Stone in his cookbook?

Actually, that is George of the Jungle. Watch out for that tree!

Funny, I don't remember any Tarzan movies where the natives were wearing pink feathers. I love giraffes. Did you pet the tigers Dave? What kind of wine goes with giraffe?

The giraffe appears to be casting the hungry eye on that thatch on top of Dave's head.

they serve "classic french" rissotto, pizza and burgers i see...

been hummin that george of the jungle theme....

doesn't dave kinda look like that crasher squirrel ?

yes, so someone smarter than me needs to either A) insert the squirrel into this picture or B) cut dave out of this picture and insert him into various other photos to humorous effect.

Nice menu.
I see they serve patotoes

Off topic: This is pretty terrible.

Miami? George looks like a Vegas showgirl I once knew saw.

Elon, I had a patient come into the ER one night and she had malaria. She had been doing missionary work in Africa and didn't take her malaria pills because they made her sick on her stomach. We sent her to Bowman Gray Medical Center and she died a few days later. She was absolutely one of the sickest people I've ever seen. I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy. back o/t

That sounds like an interesting restaurant especially the slogan "If you don't bring her to George's someone else will" Did the tigers show their pearly whites? Nice kitty.

You can't go wrong with pizza and giraffes.

We took my nephew to a small zoo in Arizona where you could climb a ladder to a platform and feed the giraffes. They are totally awesome.

Don't forget: Giraffe is ritually pure kosher.

I know I haven't.

is George related to this guy? http://thegazette.com/2012/05/22/pet-zebra-macaw-found-in-truck-outside-dubuque-bar/

NC and Elon, back off-topic: The anti-malaria drug the lady was given was likely Mefloquine. I'm sorry for her trouble. I took it for a few months in '99, when I was sent to Africa for a while, and suffered no significant ill effects myself, but it does make some people very sick, and is famous for causing recurring peculiar dreams or nightmares. More than one person told me they had enough problems with it that they were just taking their chances. Plus...even the people who gave it to me told me it's not completely effective. I met someone while I was there who picked up malaria despite taking the prescribed dose of Mefloquine at the time. Sort of a damned-if-you-do, damned-if-you-don't thing, I suppose. Back on topic, if anyone's still paying attention.

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