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May 08, 2012


Testicles on pickup truck draw a warning ticket in South Carolina

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker, B'game and queensbee)


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I put some of those on my SUV, but the first cold day of winter they retracted up into the bumper and I never saw them again.

I for one quite agree with Dave.

I'll even bet the officer did not do a DNA test to
really see if they really were the driver's!

To really pull this look off you need to have a decal of a little boy peeing on a Ford logo on the back windshield of your Chevy pickup. Otherwise it just looks stupid.

cindy, does a little boy peeing on a Red Sox logo count?

Layzeeboy, little boys attempting to pee on Red Sox logos fall short, hitting only the Yankees logo at their feet.

So truck testicles are obscene, but ovaries are not?

So ... that other arrestee for the same violation has had the court case postponed three times ...

Mebbe they're waitin' fer the proper moment to come up ... they could try Viagra ...

SC of all places. Where it's common to hear, "How about them Cocks".

I think I'd just go to the hardware store and find a few balls to hold my plate on.....

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