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May 02, 2012


Cable car sex ban introduced

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Oh good -- the ban applies only to couples born in the '90's.

So that doesn't rule out a Geezer Gondola.

Frum the werdin' of the link, I wuz worried about how they're gonna get any baby cable cars if they ban sex between cable cars ...

I'm SO relieved that this is not the case ...

What if you were born in the 40's like certain bloggers and such?

Anything goes?

Copulating Cable Cars WBAGNFARB.

I thought it was in San Francisco, not China.

I've been on those cable cars in SF, and there's no room for romping.

Jeff ... We're They're too old for "anything" ... merely ... heard that ... yeah ...

If the gondola is rockin', don't bother knocking. The 300 meter club.

If your cable car stays elevated for more than four hours...

So they bug cable cars? Nice.

Betsy: ...then you're one lucky SOB, regardless of what the Viagra people say.

I don't know about a band; copulating cable cars sounds more like a line in a Batman movie.

From The Green Knight: "Quick! To the Bat Bus Stop!"

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