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May 04, 2012


Here's a proposal for a device that no cat-owning household or superpower nation should be without:


(Thanks to jon harris, who says, "I can't believe they haven't produced this yet!")


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Bloody well is too considered to be Ittellectual property.

Never could spell intellectual using a British accent.

I hope Arthur Paul Pedrick stays in England.

DAMN those guys at Wikileaks!

The Vorgons will be upset.

Another example of prejudice against gingers! Wait until Amy Pond hears about this!

When the device was tested it kept tying to launch a 1000 megaton nuclear bomb when the black cat tried to go through the cat door. Luckily it was tested before being hooked up to the bomb.

Would love to see them pitch this to the Shark Tank guys.

Wouldn't it be simpler to merely give the cat a key?

Or to not allow cats in the house?

Automatic 1000-megaton retaliation to a perceived nuclear attack. Fabulous idea! What could possibly go wrong?!

But will it detect Schrödinger's cat?

"But will it detect Schrödinger's cat?"


Seriously, read this all the way through. It just gets too weird for words. Especially the part where Ginger the cat starts talking. Someone brought home a pay cheque (this is the UK, after all) for processing this.

"The Vorgons will be upset."

Misspelling their name? They've been known to demolish planets for that. Or if they're REALLY angry, read you their poetry.

Arthur Paul Pedrick was the greatest inventor ever! His other ideas include building a huge tube from Greenland to Morrocco and pushing giant snowballs down it to supply fresh water to the Sahara, and a golf ball with little wings so it doesn't hook or slice but goes straight down the fairway every time. Genius.

T.D.M. Steves .... You'll note that it was actually the elderly cat that came up with the nuclear annihilation application.

[note to self: make sure Gracie is happy with her new catnip mouse]

They don't call him MAD for nothing.

It appears his cat was unable to secure funding to put his ideas into practice. Mr. Pedrick's cat, that is. Dave, maybe Lucy would have better luck for you?

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