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May 01, 2012


And it all stemmed from an incident earlier in the morning when Smith’s son, a seventh grader, passed gas while he and other students were taking the New Jersey Assessment of Skills and Knowledge (NJ ASK) standardized statewide test.

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker)


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Maybe it was a chemistry test? Maybe it was a Noble Gas?

Mother of the fartin' kid punches the kid's teacher, gets arrested. Duh.

“To us, this arrest was another form of violence against the community,’’ said Bilal Hakeem, of the Power Coalition, a city activist group.

Oh gawd. That's beyond parody.

Just another day in Joisey?

(1) Our wooden study hall chairs were fabulous sounding boards. (2) Were there onions and mushrooms on the pizza ? (3) At least it was N.J. and with everything else in the air, you wouldn't be able to smell it.

Having solved all the other problems with education in New Jersey ...

Farting with a purpose...who'd guessed? Or gassed?

I wish I could fart on demand. Do you know how many meetings would get cancelled?

I hope the reporter is not a graduate of the Napier school, and that the lack of a proof reader is merely a sign of poverty at The Alternative Press. I have no comment on the substance of the article as I was too distracted by the poor usage (the lede should have been a single sentence) spelling errors (NJ has a charge of Simply Assault?) capitalization problems (privavcy."he) and other mistakes. While I am no Grammar Nazi, I do have minimum expectations of professional journalists and this article does not meet them.

>>I do have minimum expectations of professional journalists...<<

1) They shouldn't moan while they eat.
2) They should scratch at the door when they need to go out.

(farts on purpose, just for the hell of it)

'What happened in between the pizza and the handcuffs is a matter of dispute'.

hmmm...so just who cut the cheese??

I have a feeling mama's little darling did more than fart once. In fact, I have a feeling he did it multiple times, each one louder than the other. Someday mama will be proud of her little inmate of the month.

Purposeful Farting is a crime now? I guess they can throw away the key. Soon we'll have no rights left at all.


I think that it is covered under the Farts Amendment.

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