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May 08, 2012


Playboy model steals the show at Mexican election debate

(Thanks to Bill Hudgins, who says, "Send her to Washington.")


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I think it's wonderful that young women are becoming more aware of politics, and vice versa.

TRying to keep abreast of current events.

I see a future for her as an NFL sideline reporter.

She The case needs needs to investigated very closely. I volunteer to arrest her for stealing the show. And a strip search is definitely called for.

She could dye my finger purple, IYKWIM...

"Production error". Like nobody noticed what she was wearing before the debate started.

The guy on the right who looks like he's wearing glasses and a fake nose and mustache gets my vote. He's just oozing confidence and trust. Oh wait, maybe that's not what's oozing. Never mind.

Playboy has a Mexican edition?

Hmmmmmmmmmm ... emphasis on tacos?

JD, well what do you know, there were men in that picture too. Good thing you said something, I didn't notice them the first time I looked.

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