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May 02, 2012


Mobs Rule for Great Tit Neighbors

(Thanks to RussellMc)


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I had a great tit neighbor once. Then she moved away.

But were you "familiar" to her?

I've noticed that great tit mobs tend to get "catty" about lesser-endowed women.

We need federal laws to protect great tits.

Hold my beer, and....

This link gives you a nice list of all the tits out there. Strangely, given that there is a Great Tit, there doesn't seem to be a Lesser Tit.

Omni, the Elegant Tit is what you are looking for. Some people only concentrate on the large sized Great Tits, but a tit connoisseur enjoys watching the smaller sized Elegant Tit.

OK I totally bit on the headline. Pun intended.

Flash mob of great tits??

Hef's favorite dreams

Does this have anything to do with that Kate Upton video that went viral? I only heard about it, of course.

Those tits in Omni's link are described as bein' frum 10 to 22 cm. ... In real measurment, that's a mere four to nine-plus inches ...

I don't think that's so great ...

Tits? Oh, jeez, I'm sorry. I thought it said "Twits." Never mind.

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