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May 10, 2012


...Guess the State!


(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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"Hello, Jessica? Jerry Newman here. Can I combine my boat and house coverage???"

Plowing through rough seas ain't the only plowing this boat does. Sailing to Bermuda - Grass.

In the boat owner's defense, those mooring fees are pretty high.

I thought of that too, Trent.

Hey, the guy has a Florida license so it's all good.

Hey, it is cheaper than adding a bedroom.

After "separating" from its tow truck ...

Those separations can be tough. Had the boat been drinking, by chance?

To be fair, boats with little bitty wheels like that are very difficult to steer at high speed.

The year was 1966 and my father and I were taking his boat to the lake for the summer.
Daddy said, "Keep an eye on the boat. I'm not sure I got the hitch on very well."
I turned just in time to see the boat taking off in a totally different direction.
It impaled itself on a fire hydrant, and I learned several new words from my father that day.
Oh, we also learned about "safety chains".

Hasn't anyone here ever seen a houseboat before?

max, it looks more like a boathouse to me.

Kind of an icon for my divorce...lost the house and the boat.

Not every home gets to take a bow.

Ah, yes! Boats, dads and new words. I remember mine explaining to me the word meaning "someone with no father."

Defense budget cuts seem to have hit the navy the hardest.

well, its a boat, so i'm gonna say..... south dakota?

Looks more like the Navy hit the house the hardest.

"I said port, dammit, port ..."

I apologize for the diversion, but I do have a semi-serious question. I went back and looked at the picture again, and I wonder why the boat rode up in the front like that, damaging the roof, instead of going straight on and essentially through the window?

I have no experience with boat-trailer-house dynamics, so maybe this is what you'd expect to happen.

Yes it is, the engines are where most of the weight is, and they work better in the stern (back) of boat. The center of mass is about 2/3rds of the way back when on the trailer (where the wheels are), and a trailer/boat combination would tend to go up.

True, max ... and even if the hitch wuz riding a bit low, it prolly hit that sidewalk and bounced ... thereby giving elevation to the prow and sinkage to the stern ... or sumthin' like that ...

I'm basing my guesses on prior personal experience with similar equipment ...

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