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May 20, 2012


A ship moored in Bristol has been "floated" in a sea of neon-green jelly as part of a cultural festival.

(Thanks to Joe in Japan)


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"jellymongers". Now there's a word with meaning, whatever it is.
A good word, that one so seldom gets to work into a conversation.

It's nice, but was the little girl there?

If they could get Yoko Ono to sing " Pop Goes the Weasel " on opening night, the masterpiece would be complete.

Jelly to Brits = our Jello.

That's about all lime green jelly/Jello is fit for, if you ask me.

See what happens when you don't eat your green jello in the hospital?

Sky of blue and sea of green....

Wrong ship.


So THAT is where it goes.

You will appreciate this. I was VERY sick with my cancer last time I was in the hospital two years ago. Was in for dehydration and malnutrition because of my treatments.

I was in and out a bit. I woke up fully only to see the hospital priest next to me.

Being who I am (one who say pretty much what comes into my mind) I said, "What the hell are you doing here, I'm not going to die!"

He thought it was funny,a young guy. But I am sure that I am going to hell.

*says rosary for MikeyVA*
I hope everything is okay now Mikey. And don't worry about hell. If you go I'll probably be sitting right next to you along with several other blog members.

(Tosses in a decade and three Our Fathers)

I'll save y'all a good seat, n'cin' & MikeyVA ...

Nothin' warmer than a blog reunion. I'll bring the s'mores.

Thanks to all Hell bound Bloggers and Blogettes!

Doing fine!

For some reason, I'm reminded of this from Walt Kelly:
Van Winken, Van Blinken, Van Nod one night
Sailed often, and wouldn't you?
Sailed often aquiver with Crispness Night,
Under a sea of stew.
Oh, where are you goin' and whadaya which?
You old Manassa tree?
We've crumbly fitch for the herring fitch
Thatch liverness dutifully.
GNATS! All civil and golly whee!
Van Winken, Van Blinken, Van Nod.

Albert recites this as he gets into his usual fight with a tree.

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