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May 08, 2012


Sperm Act Like Bumbling Drunks on Way to Egg

(Thanks to Bill Hudgins)


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Let me be, perhaps, the first to say, "God forbid they should stop and ask for directions"

Actually, half of sperm are girls, no?

I'm pretty sure the sperm are all boys. The only girl on the scene is the increasingly bored egg, sitting around waiting for her nails to dry while the boys crash into walls and fall down.

Um ... not exactly, Elon ... recallin' Bio 164 class ... um ... I fergit the rest ...

"Micro-Channel Wall Crashers" wbagnfa Med School Dropout band ...

So ... my prior post has been deleted ALREADY?!!??!!??

Saw Bumbling Drunks open for Doug and the Slugs.

And there it is ... back again ... stoopid PypeTad ... (not that I thot it wuz undyin' prose werthy of vast financial rewards, er nuthin' like that ... but ... moderately relevant, at least ... and it's condemned to Limbo -- or Samba? -- fer an agonizin' five minutes ... ahhh ... nevermind ... )

So O, kind of like crashing into walls, eh?

Why would they ask for directions? Eventually one of them will get there.

They won't ask for directions because anyone who know the way has already gotten to the destination.

O/T. RIP Maurice Sendak.

Steve...okay; but maybe she has a cute sister

Right, WVp' ... it's all in knowin' how to play the caroms that aid in a successful journey ...

"[P]otentially tortuous geometry"
sure is an accurate description of an ex-gf's body.

Also I seem to recall having seen Potentially Tortuous Geometry open for The Pleasure Seekers.

There's a funny cartoon about a bunch of sperm huddled around a map in a huge cavern with a uvula complaining that "This doesn't look like any of the pictures of the egg I was given!"...

Why am I not surprised? Perhaps the producer of said sperm was a Bumbling Drunk also? Hmm, I am pleased to learn that I have Potentially Tortuous Geometry...

If the darn egg would do something besides lie there, they might be more motivated.

What, no trillions of Florida Drivers Licenses joke?

Of course they need the usual help to get close.

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