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May 10, 2012


Agents find child porn suspect in underwear, stabbing samurai sword into computer

(Thanks to Jay Brandes)


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Police believe MAC OS was involved.


John Belushi?

He strikes me as a Denverian. THat's the kind of thing people do up there, right?

How did that guy fit inside a pair of underwear?

Many's the time when the temptation to use a sword (well, machete ... or 16-lb. post maul) on a computer ... but I'd hope my sensibilities would preclude such behavior clad in nuthin' but skivvies ...

A good pair of long johns, p'haps ... and a t-shirt ...

But never in tighty whities ...

Porn ninja. Thought a big sword would make him a swordsman. Instead just a tallywhacker.

Freud woulda had a field day with this one.

Oh, I bet he's going to get the opportunity to play with lots of swords. Jack knives, at least.

What was the suspect doing in the agents' underware?

On second thought, I don't want to know.

He should have asked tech support to take a stab at it.

I think he really messed up his sepeku.

Who among us...?

There are better ways to partition a drive.

So his computer was customized with a slash drive port?

Reminds me of the years I spent managing a Unix enterprise backup product. How many times I had to explain to a customer that they'd licensed a "backup" product, not a "recovery" one.

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