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May 21, 2012


School officials are making sure a high school senior prom runs smoothly while it shares the same venue as a porn convention.

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker)


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What could possibly go wrong? I wonder what their prom theme is?

Brings to mind my all time favorite, completely tasteless Family Guy song. I'd link to it if I knew how.

Sounds like raging hormones will rage all over that place.

Exxxotica founder John Handy said the event is a celebration of love and sex. "We've always build it as a celebration of sexy. It's the largest adult event in the country dedicated to love and sex," said Handy.

Honestly, could anything fit better with new high school graduates? I think not.

You can call it the PORM?

I forsee alot of the high school guys roaming over to the "other" event to ogle and salivate. I would like to tell those guys that it will never get any better than ogling that cute girl from Alg-Trig who is in a tight fitting prom dress. Enjoy the night ....but not too much.

I'm guessing Vegas... Am I right? Oh, I guess I could just read the article, ...red faced, slinks away.

If I remember my high school days correctly, being of the male persuasion, the prom was pretty much about the hope of "love and sex". Well, sex anyway. For the young ladies it seemed to be more about gowns and hair, sex being lower on their list of priorities.

The largest adult event dedicated to love and sex? They're saying it's bigger than Woodstock? Or Congress?

Hmmm, Omni, I'm not sure about Congress despite the number of people they've screwed.

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