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May 29, 2012


Man tried to rob Lowes store; Stole golf cart from nearby nudist colony

(Thanks to Joe in Japan)


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I can't believe this guy didn't do what everyone else does in Florida - get a scooter at Walmart.

Floriduh. The state where Rob Lowes takes on a whole new meaning.

Yikes. Nude scooting.

He was more interested in peek a boo at the nudist colony.

He's crazy. You could conquer a small country with just the garden implements in a typical Lowe's store.

The I.Q. of an Ice Age vegetarian.

I had no idea Florida had such lowe life.

WFTV also found out Hodges was wanted out of Clay County, near Jacksonville for a robbery.

If his previously robbery were as well executed as this one, I would want him out of my county too.

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