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May 11, 2012


Shoppers can buy a half-tonne box of pasta from Thursday at supermarkets in Turkey.

(Thanks to jon harris)


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Adds to the idea Turkoglu is prononced Turk-o-lou.

We're going to need more meatballs and tomato sauce.

we gonna need a LOT more sauce.

You'd have to be off your noodle.

we're gonna need a bigger gravy boat.

I suppose that only works if you're a person that calls pasta sauce "gravy".

Is this one of those 2000# tons, or a 1000# ton or a 1000 kg ton? No matter, that's a lot of mac & cheese.

Mama mia!

Time to Carb Up fer the next football match!

I'm planning on getting mine at Costco.

You have to buy the 2 ton box at Costco.

Whole nuther matter. Went into Costco yesterday. I am now single single and about the only thing it is worth me buying is a chicken and a hotdog. 10 pounds of broccoli and so many of their other fresh stuff would go bad before I could eat it all. Similarly, a 20 gallon/1000 count/30 pound pack of whatever else they sell would last my lifetime.

Loud' ... well, y'all could host a party, invite a buncha gals, get to meet new friends that way ...

Mebbe wanna skip the broccoli fer that one, tho ...

Given this, $10 worth of poster board, and $15 in glue, my grandson could either produce a masterpiece or just bury our refrigerator in art.

Loudmouth, we tend to buy things that don't go bad (paper good, coffee, etc.) and fresh fruit at Costco.

When you need to feed an army, a nation, or just one Turk (Turkey) It's Barillia! And not so Brilliant.

Jeff, before she left, my wife used to hit Costco constantly. This was the first time I've gone into Costco thinking I'd pick up dinner and some veg. I buy some of that imperishable stuff too, but it was just interesting that I was better off going to the Super Walmart for reasonable quantities of what I needed.

Loudmouth, considering it is on the Eruropean Continent it would be 1100 US lbs. A tonne over there is 2200 US lbs. In the US that is sometimes referred to as a Long Ton.

Sixteen tons and whaddaya get?
Another day older and deeper in debt.
St. Peter don't you call me, 'cause I caint' go,
I owe my soul to the Spaghetti-Ohs.

Mr. Batali's coal train
Done boiled it away ...

I'm sure there's a rich heritage of Italian/American pasta worker angst to be tapped here with folk music and improv. Chris Guest, are you listening?

Sorry didn't notice we were playing that game. Here's one that I like to call Six Months of Zeti.

Well, I pulled up to dinner table,
Rollin' my sleeves to the elbow.
I've got my appetite worked up,
And I'm hungry like never before.
My cholesterol's way up, all right,
And my blood pressure's way outta sight.
Six months of zeti and I'm gonna finish the box tonight.

I got ten meat balls,
And a sauce that's alright.
I'm taking furosemide pills,
And my pants are really tight.
I just passed a 'Jimmy' and a 'White':
I've been passin' everything in sight.
Six months of zeti and I'm gonna finish the box tonight.

Well, it seems like a year,
Since I kissed other food good-bye.
I could have had penne Tuscana,
But I prefer to eat like a guy.
I could find a recipe that's light,
But I could never believe that it's right.
Six months of zeti and I'm gonna finish the box tonight.

Fat peopel stare at me in the grocery line.
I'm a little overweight and I've got a giant behind.
But nothing bothers me tonight.
I can dodge all the scales all right,
Six months of zeti and I'm gonna finish the box tonight.

Well my heart's a little erratic,
But that don't mean she's gone.
There's a flame in my stomach,
And my fingers look like sausages of my own.
The last bite is coming in sight,
If you think I'm happy your right.
Six months of zeti and I'm gonna finish the box tonight.

Thumbs up max

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