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May 14, 2012


Swedes fear gas during sex

(Thanks to The Perts)


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For some reason I suspect the French are turned on by it.

So a headache is a euphemism for having gas, or is this something completely separate.

Sometimes, I'm glad that I'm Norwegian.

What is wrong with passing gas during sex? That's just the afterburner kicking in.

one in three women in the country have declined sex due to fears of flatulence during the act

poor reporting, are they afraid of their own passing of gas or of being the victim of an assault?

" Yes ! Yes !... "
" Well...ok, you asked for it... "

Fear gas? Tear gas I know about, but ...


Well, they could always call it art....

"The company said only about one in six men had said no to sex as a result of flatulence concerns."

The company meant to say that 'none' in six men had said no to sex as a result of flatulence concerns.

What about flatulence AND spontaneous human combustion ?

Old joke: Hurricane Special. It's the wind.

Farts....in the wind....
All we are is farts in the wind.....

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