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May 06, 2012


Zombies take to the streets of Prague

(Thanks to Joe in Japan)


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Overheard on this blog. The Louvre displays more bare breasts than any other museum in the world with the possible exception of the Clinton Presidential Library.

Question: If you don't want a zombie to eat your brain, give it cod, tuna or salmon. Why?

A: Because fish is known as "brain food".

Zombie walking began in Washington, D.C.

I don't mind the annual Zombie Lurch, but I wish they could come up with some new chants. There are only so many times one can hear "We're here, We're dead, Give us your brains" before one losses one sympathy for them.

Horace,if they went looking for brains in DC,wouldn't they have starved?

The Starving Dead WBAGNFA(Zombie)RB. They could open for The Dead Kennedys, or The Grateful Dead. I'm sure the 2nd set knocks 'em dead. And people would kill for tickets.

I'm kinda tired of zombies. Vampires, too. And that mixed-media fighting stuff.

What? I said "mixed media fighting." That's not what they call it? Huh. I thought it was like, two guys slapping each other with macrame and watercolor brushes and stuff. Throwing sea glass around. Two man enter art fair, one man leave. No, eh?

You learn something every day.

Ah, Zombies in the Springtime! Wasn't that a waltz by Strauss?

I'm with Omniskeptic but what's left. Witches? Ghosts? Maybe pirate ghosts or ghost pirates.

Rook out! It's a Prague of zombies!

Zombie Pirate Ninja Monkeys.

Wiredog, if you come up with a one-syllable last word instead, you can get a doo-dah, doo-dah out of that. "Bears?"

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