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May 13, 2012


7:07 p.m. A man holding a fishing pole was seen getting out of a black Mercedes that was parked in front of a Bigfork hardware store. The caller suggested that this man might be the missing California movie executive.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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What missing California movie executive?

Or he could just be stealing the Mercedes.

10:24 a.m. A Rhodes Draw resident complained that the neighbor's loose cows were on their property. They were rounded up and taken home.

The same thing happened at my house last week. It never crossed my mind to call the police though. I just called the farmer across the road and he sent some cowboys to come round them up. I just hope he didn't fix that fence too well, iykwim. Cowboys! Right in my own front yard!

Jeff, I think they're talking about Gavin Smith. He's an executive with 20th Century Fox and has been missing since May 1. I doubt seriously he decided to go to Flathead County.

Now, who among us has not annoyed or been annoyed by others' "loud exhaust"?
To those falsely protesting innocence, I say, "Takest thou Beano."

They can keep him. We have too darn many of them here.

11:45 a.m. Intoxicated people were spotted driving in numerous Kalispell locations.

Well who can blame them with all the anarchy there, cows running free and the entire area smells like piles of mouldering garbage.

The Blog has been campaigning for Flathead to be the subject of a Hollywood movie, so maybe this is the advance scouting party for that, or aliens, or possibly both, if there is any difference.

Horace, I dunno if you should say that, but something tells me if the Zombie attacks ever come that CDC says is coming, I suspect Flathead will be hit first.
Or it will be their headquarters.

After all, with all the loose dogs, cats, cows and
suspicious peoples there, probably no one would notice.

I saw the Missing California Movie Executives open for someone or other.

6:14 p.m. A man on Gunsight Loop attempted to out-annoy his neighbor, who routinely plays loud music, by playing even louder music.

Now, see, if I lived on Gunsight Loop, I'd probably appeal to the Flathead County Conflict Resolution Team.

But then, maybe that IS the FCCRT.

A Merc as a "fishin' car"? Heck, yeah! I do that all the time ... but I'm not missin' ... or frum CA ... or anythin' connected to the movies ...

Dang ... missed bein' famous once again ...

"A Hungry Horse resident called 911 to complain about his neighbor’s loud exhaust"

This is amazing on so many levels; 1) How could the horse dial the phone using just its hooves? 2) Why was the Horse so Hungry? Couldn't it just have eaten some grass? 3) Since Horses live in Barns, just what kind of loud exhaust are we talking here???

Cowboys! Right in my own front yard!

Posted by: nursecindy | May 13, 2012 at 10:13 AM

*passes nursecindy an industrial-strength fan*

"Reportedly, a green truck stuffed with youngsters was driving down the wrong lane of Highway 93 South near Lakeside."

Come on - "stuffed with youngsters"? Who says that? Only some only Flathead fart.

I'm pretty sure I saw Stuffed with Youngsters open for The Critters. Come on, y'all. What was their one hit wonder. First one to name it gets to keep a youngster.

A caller reported that a man with a UAW jacket was seen in a bar in Hungry Horse. He felt it might be Jimmy Hoffa.

"12:32 p.m. A big Holiday Rambler was seen recklessly careening down Highway 93 South."

What holiday? And what was he driving?

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