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May 05, 2012


L.I. Woman Charged With Prostitution After Using Hot Dog Cart To Solicit Clients

(Thanks to Loudmouth and Jeffrey Brown, who says "I guess the wiener jokes are too easy.")


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Gimme one with everything, and I mean EVERYthing.

The menu offering buttered buns was a dead giveaway.

To all those women out there who have been hoodwinked by Cosmo and other magazines and all the industry devoted to making you totally devastating to the opposite sex (men), take a look at this woman or at any random lineup of hookers.
Then think, "Men pay these women".

Is there no room for the entrepreneur left in America?

"Special orders don't upset us; have it your way."

No comments using the words relish and buns, please.

♫ I sure will be disgusted
if that roll ain't full of mustard
I want a hot dog for my roll...

(Butterbeans and Susie)

...gets back on geezer bus. Get off my lawn!

All I have to say is that would have to be one hell of a hot dog, the holy grail of hot dogs before it would inspire me to pay to have sex with the person in that picture, assuming that is a woman.

wingnut, I saw a comedian once who nailed perfectly the facial expression of every guy on COPS who is told that the "girl" he just (almost, if he's lucky) had some form of sex with is actually male. (Happens every other week or so.) The trick was making muscle in his face go slack.

"Weiner Service" --it was that neon sign that alerted

Prolly my own weak (as in: "old-person") vision, but there seems to be a resemblance to Charlie Sheen ... nah ... gotta be the cataracts cloudin' my vision ...

D'ya think she called her clients Franks instead of Johns?

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