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May 01, 2012


Forget the US Navy stealth ship. Dad now wants this.

(Thanks to Orly Seidman)


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A) Can I get it with more hair?
2-Can I get the chingchang message in pornographic Hebrew Pig Latin?
iii. Can I get it in red?

I would want to know which message of:
(新年好, 丑陋, 不要暴露在阳光直射, or 感谢谷歌翻译

would be best to use at a wake. Given that the options translate to
Happy New Year
not exposed to direct sunlight
thank Google Translate

the wrong message could be problematic.


For wakes, I suggest the special memorial package:

For a small additional charge, your Loved One's ashes can be mixed with the explosive. Suggested messages: "Going out with a bang!" and "That's [name] all over!!!"

Which is sure to cause some 3 or 4 year olds to remark
"Mommy! Daddy's a demon!!!!" and run screamming when they see it....

"Best viewed from 10km" ?!? That's, like, all the way across town!

Yeah, as a physical chemist, I was thinking that's not real. No way we could get the explosions that precise, and the up to 20 km set off alarm bells.

If you try ordering one, it confirms that it is an April Fools Day joke.

Oh, those Chinese boffins . . .

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