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May 24, 2012


When investigators came to the scene, they discovered Holcomb's next door neighbor Stormy Moody was wearing some of the clothes reported missing.

(Thanks to Jon Harris)


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Speaking of Moody.


She took a box of tampons? Why?

I'm sure that, due to this blog's strict policy, I cannot point out that her name should have been a dead giveaway as to motive...

But I will say that I saw Frog Shower Mat open for Blue Oyster Cult...

Interesting that a post and pans were reported stolen. What sort of post? Why would she need one? Was it a blog post?

They call her Stormy Moody,
But Tuesday is just as bad

Where did this happen? I think the victim might be related to a former coworker.

Somewhere in West Tennessee, Elon.

Didn't the Rolling stgones have a song about Stormy Moody that went something like:

She would never say where her clothes came from
Coffee don't matter if it's gone
While the sun is bright
Or in the darkest night
No one knows
She comes and goes.

Maybe I'm just hallucinating the song but it seems so familiar.

The same thing has happened to Hot Flashes.

Goodbye Stormy Moody, who can hang a charge on you?

Good one, Max.

A criminal mastermind, indeed.

I could have cut her some slack but stealing someone's Bob Marley t-shirt? There is nothing lower.

Stormy Moody, the world's worst stripper name. Inspires ED.

Stormy Moody would be a great name for a weather person.

cindy, we currently have Amy Freeze as one of our local weather persons.

I always keep my giant coloring book under my bed just so it won't get stole.

Dallas Raines = local weather person. And He is not making up the name.


Tell you why
My house is open to the sky - Stormy Moody
Since my stuff met Stormy Moody
It's missing all the time

Home is bare
Lots of nothing everywhere - Stormy Moody
Tryin' to keep from bein' broody
I'm wary all the time

When I went away, she came in to rob me
If I stay away, she'll finish the job, see
All I do is pray the Lord that she won't mob me
with her light fingered friends

Can't go on
Evr'ything I had is gone - Stormy Moody
Since my stuff went to Stormy Moody
Complainin' all the time

P.S. normnuke= Har!

Um, DOODAH, Franklinj, it's always stormy... whatever your name is, i regularly delete spam comments. if you choose a name and stick with it, I'll know you're a regular poster. if you change your name with every post, i cannot be responsible for deleting your comments! Just fyi :)

Good idea - you can only read so many discount sunglasses adds. But I was just working the nametag into the posts - here is the standard nametag, below.

i don't care what name you choose; i'm just saying if you keep switching it, i will probably delete some of them.

She has a Facebook page, not much there for the past year.

One of her fans suggested:

"Name: Stormy Winters Moody

Likes: I enjoy other people's freshly laundered clothing and undergarments. Bathing, skin care and grooming are a top priority of mine.

I love children. Well, I love children's stuff, anyway. I like to keep a clean home and even to remove all traces of my fingerprints from other people's houses.

I enjoy making frozen drinks while listening to Bob Marley and watching my new lava lamp. I'm Team Dunkins all the way!(Sorry, Starbucks.) My hobbies include fishing, cooking, watching DVDs, and robbing my neighbors.

Contact: Tennessee DOC"

What do you reckon?

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