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May 16, 2012


Can peeing in a lake really kill fish?

(Thanks to Jeffrey Brown)


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Nonsense! That's how goldfish got that color!

J'S'G ... frum swimmin' in it? Or drinkin' it?

OtU, probably swimming. W.C. Fields said he didn't drink water because fish...do things in it.

"This really pisses me off."

-- Charlie The Tuna


Ol' W.C. ... a man wise beyond his years ... he also allus carried a bottle of snake-bite medicine, in case he would ever encounter a snake ...

Fortunately, he also allus carried a snake ...

Depends on the relative sizes of the fish, the lake, and the bladder.

Good ol' WC, I like his hangover cure too. The first time he got drunk he had a terrible hangover afterward, that's why the next time he got drunk he didn't stop.

Coming up on Mythbusters...

OtH, you're channeling Walt Kelly. His Rougey Baton character (who made the Lou'siana Perches) offered a free snake bite with every bottle of snake bite cure.

Of course, Kelly was post-WC, so maybe he was the one doing the channeling.

Anyway, eutrophication. Big deal, known about it for years. They were going to try to nail the taconite dumpers up in Lake Superior on eutrophication, back 40 years ago, but unfortunately, taconite doesn't cause it.

If that were true then we would't have any fish left

This is not just a Euro peeing problem; see this and this, for example.

Fine, but what about the bears and the woods ?

LOL at Just Some Guy -- my first thought as well. But what's with the picture of clown fish? I don't we should worry about pi$$ing in the ocean.

It certainly can if you've been eating asparagus.

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