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May 07, 2012


Dave and Ridley will be on the TODAY show tomorrow (Tuesday, reportedly at 9:40 a.m.) with Al Roker's Book Club for Kids.


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Um, not to be overly suspicious, but what guarantee do we have that it's the HORNS doin' the tootin'?

I thought Al was a weatherman? Now Dave shows up and
Al's wondering why he's chatting with an amateur rock
and roller about kiddies books instead of isobars,rain
with isolated showers, hurricanes and tornados.Huh?

Y'know, eating less beans and red meat will reduce the socially awkward tooting.

Morning tea and strumpets.

Oh, these weather persons are versatile ... fer exampleness: consider that gal on Channel 9 ... she can really rattle the lines of a warm front ...

NINE Tony Noms?!?! Wow - impressive! Congrats Dave

You need a weatherman to tell which way the horn is blowing.

Excellent interview Dave and Ridley. Also, those are some of the smartest kids I've seen in a long time.

Dave's tip about using walnuts to hide scratches on wood was AMAZING!

And the denial that flying crocodiles are real was totally convincing.

Wasn't that amazing Horace? I also liked it when they found Ridley's earrings in the drain. btw, Jason Cameron is a hunk and he's welcome to come fix my plumbing anytime.

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