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April 16, 2012


You are wrong.

(Thanks to Emily, Leslie and w)


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I hope the hotel or restaurant has good insurance, and that the owner gets justice.

"Sir, we had a little incident with your car" is probably how they break the news...

In So. Cal. the average driver doesn't even HAVE a driver license.

According Local News 10, police found the Maserati 'was coming down a parking garage ramp too fast, lost control, and drove his luxury sports car right under the SUV'.

Sir Paul, upon finding out, would like to revise the song lyrics to "Baby You Can't Drive My Car"...

They dunno if he wuz ticketed?

Fergit a "ticket" ... unless ... um ... they've got capital punishment in Fla. ... right?

Wonder how they broke it to the owners. Perhaps in a (mis)fortune cookie?

No fair, this was someone who drives (drove?) cars for a living. Someone who drives cars professionally is obviously going to be able to create a better accident than an amateur.

how diid they even DO that?

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