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April 05, 2012


"I knew my marriage was over and the divorce proceedings were about to begin when I came home and I found my husband in bed with my two best friends."

(Thanks to jon harris)


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"Slayback, positively bubbly after a fancy but free haircut, ..."

Was there an editor holocaust recently?

Wow, talk about jumping to conclusions......

Who was this woman married to? The pizza delivery guy?

Maybe they were just helping him feel his balls for testicular cancer.

Yeah, that's it.

"Who are you going to believe, honey? Me or your own lying eyes?"

One statistic they neglected to cite: For every divorce, there is at least one prior marriage.

"But Honey,I did it for you! I was researching two techniques with these two volunteers..."

My father-in-law used to tell his sons, "Boys, once you get married, the fun is over." Apparently this guy didn't get the message.

All married women should pack heat 24/7. Just in case.

I think she might need to review her criteria for defining friends as well. Just saying.

The stupid things that people do.

Friends "share" ... don't they?

Doesn't one woman cancel out the other?

Did anyone think that her two best friends could be men ? Wait, women and men can't be best friends. I withdraw the comment.

Wow, talk about jumping to conclusions......
Maybe Meanie is right. They could have been watching TV or something. This is exactly why I believe in the old saying, "Shoot first. Ask questions later."

It's happened before:

"I came home and I found my wife in bed with my best friend."

So I told him: "Bad dog!"

(Old joke.)

Well, at least the gal in third place had the sense not to be there, right?

That's not grounds. That's a Hustler letter.


if they were men that would be even worse. Men will have sex with anything, so a man could instead figure out how to get a snake to hold still. Men also make fewer friends so a friendship is more important to a man. Men only sleep with the wives and husbands of strangers and people they don't like to avoid risking a precious friendship. Women are more selective in their sex partners which changes the equation, instead of being the major no-no sleeping with a friend's spouse is for men, it is just very, very rude for women.

I should point out that some pre-nups specify that it isn't cheating if a man gets offered a three-way. If you have such a pre-nup you will want to check to see if there is a sub-clause about a three-way with your wife's two best friends.

I think I follow max, but what if the 2 best friends were sheep ? Ewe wwwwwww............

I really think that the definition of friends varies so much between people. I know that they wouldn't be my friends anymore. They seem to have poor values.

When she came home, she said, "Hello, Hello."

He replied, "What, you're not going to say 'hello' to me?"

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