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April 20, 2012


A snake-eating spider.

Note That We Are Not Making Fun Of This Name: "Ant Hadleigh."

(Thanks to Jeffrey Brown)


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Send it to Washington! And Ewww!

So if we put a bunch of these spiders into every airplane, we will be safe from snakes. Problem solved. (Yeah, right)

Australian motto: pit bulls are wimps

Not gonna click. Nope. Can't make me. La la la la la.

Come on, Guin. Everybody's doing it. Don't you want to be cool?

Obviously a Nephila species. Big but harmless to men.
I've handled their American cousins.
It tickled when she crawled across my arm.

We need more spiders like that.

How are these spiders with squirrels? We might need a back-up plan in case squirrels ever learn to fly.

I agree with that song by Midnight Oil, give it back, Australia I mean.
Just too much weird stuff down under. Just sayin'.
The song is "Beds are Burning" by the way.

Send him to Washington!

Isn't Ant Hadleigh related to that Ant Adam guy who was some kind of a singer, briefly?

Yikes! Cowboy Bob, Protect me!!!

I know I am so what does that make you?

So did the spiders in Australia run out of birds to eat, now they have to live on snakes?

I don't know who (or whom?) to root for here. Ugh!

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